DIY Home DecorAbout Gwin Gal

As a youngster I was afraid of trying new things. Afraid of failure. Afraid of being laughed at. So one day I grew up. I’m not exactly sure when that happened, but it did, and I decided I wanted to experience new things! So here I am… taking dance lessons, riding in helicopters, traveling, zip lining, and blogging about it all.

I love DIY, decorating, fashion, gardening, and travel. I am the spray painting queen. I rearrange my furniture often. I love buying new curtains! And even more so, I love being OUTSIDE! And lets talk about thrift stores….. so much fun to find a bargain.

My husband and I live in north central Alabama, near Birmingham, and as much as we love all our grandkids, we do love being empty nesters and traveling and doing new things.  And you can join us on these adventures! Just subscribe to get an email notification when I make a new post! No annoying emails I promise.

Oh, and if you need to contact me, send an email to: nikgwin  at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for stopping by.